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Our Values

Customers Come First

Dedicated to customer happiness, we won't rest until you're satisfied. You're amongst family – and we treat family right.

Quality Pricing, Quality Service

We understand you have options out there. Come for our competitive pricing, leave with confidence in our quality and service.

Locally Owned

Yes, we know that pizza place. We invest in the community and we are as much your neighbors as we are your destination for glass.

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Glass Shower Enclosures and Doors: What To Consider Before You Buy

This article helps answer all your questions on shower enclosures, one of the more popular home products that homeowners choose to buy for their house.

Distressed mirror glass, type 1

All About Vintage, Antiqued, & Distressed Mirrors

Distressed mirrors are sometimes referred to as antiqued or even vintage mirrors. As a general term, distressed mirrors can have a distressed frame or distressed mirror glass.


What is Restoration Glass?

Restoration glass is glass produced to mirror the look of antique glass.

Old wavy glass doors

Old Wavy Glass Window Panes in America

Early manufacture of glass involved single sheets of glass manufactured by a craftsman by blowing through a tube. Generally the further back in history you go, the wavier the glass is.