How Corner Showers and Neo-Angle Showers Maximize Space

Corner showers get the most use out of small bathrooms.


Frameless neo-angle shower with a kneewall Falmouth, MAToday, bathroom appearance is much more important than in the past – and corner showers are used as a design element.

These days, people look at showering areas in a different light, and the popularity of gorgeous shower glass continues to grow. For those that want to have a modern sleek bathroom with size restraints, corner shower enclosures are a perfect choice.

There are two basic designs in space-saving corner showers.

Traditional Corner Showers

Corner showers have two glass sides and two tiled sides. Whether you have a swing door or sliding door, Cardinal has several series that can fit in a corner, whether you have a tub or not!
  1. Cardinal Series
  2. Craftsman Series
  3. Euro Series

Corner Shower Examples

Neo Angle Shower Enclosures

Semi frameless neo-angle shower incorporating pivot hinges on the door

Shower enclosures with angles have three glass panels in the front. The door is traditionally in the middle panel but can be on any one of the panels to accommodate ease of access. The front shape of a neo-angle shower enclosure is very similar to a bay window design and can add some real pizzazz to your bathroom.

Read more about neo-angle shower enclosures here and how they help you save space.

Non-Traditional Corner Shower Enclosures

Considered “regular” shower enclosures, non-traditional corner showers make creative use of available space even in good size bathrooms. One of the reasons that this are jumping up in popularity is the desire of consumers to have both a clean look shower enclosure and separate soaker/jacuzzi type tub. With double vanities and two bathing fixtures, space becomes a premium. Check out the design of this non traditional corner shower enclosure to the right for an idea as to what this can entail.

Non-Traditional Corner Shower Example

Quality use of a Non-Traditional Corner Shower incorporating a bench

View our shower enclosure service page, where you can get a quick introduction into how Pioneer Glass can help you with your shower project. Before you buy a shower enclosure, be sure to read our guide on options to consider.