Shower Enclosure Guide: The Shower Glass

When building a new shower or renovating an old one, the type of door or enclosure is always a primary consideration.  Full glass shower doors have been around for quite some time, but they are as popular as ever.  There is always something about the glass being used to enclose the shower area that makes it so much more appealing.  These glass shower doors have evolved from the very minimalistic and utilitarian part of the shower installation to be the centerpiece of an artistically rendered shower area, a modern-day must-have especially to those who are so keen on maintaining an image in their households.

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Full glass shower doors are custom-made.  This makes them fit perfectly in the design of the shower installation. You are not limited by standard sizing and form since they are made from scratch according to design specifications.  These specific glass shower doors are made from thicker glass. And since they are made of thicker glass, this makes them sturdier without the benefit of using metal frames, rubber seals, or gaskets.  The result is a clean, perfectly fitting full glass shower door that is not only functional but exuding beauty and style.  There are no additional fittings or trimmings that become an eyesore in the long run.  An intricately designed tile work will also benefit from these glass shower doors since it can be seen unobstructed and can, therefore, be showcased in a shower installation.

These specific shower doors are also safe to use since they are almost always made from tempered glass. This type of glass is designed to shatter into very small pieces should it for some reason break.  So the likelihood of suffering from a big cut is zero to none.  Another plus of using tempered glass for shower doors is that it is less likely to develop mold compared to its framed counterpart.  These glass shower doors have a very little area where water can collect and remain long enough for molds to grow.  They are easier to clean and they stay clean.  A sponge and a squeegee are all that’s needed to keep the glass shower doors crystal clear.

Investing in glass shower boxes can create a sense of a more open and seamless area that is not only visually pleasing but also relaxing.  They offer a sense of elegance not present in any other shower enclosure systems.  By being “invisible” and lacking in visual input, these glass shower doors add visual space as far as the bathroom area is concerned, by eliminating the sense of boundaries.

Full glass shower doors have the ability to transform an ordinary bathroom or shower installation into a luxurious and relaxing space.  With a host of modern-design offerings, these glass shower doors are sure to give a significant change in the look and feel of any shower installation.  Moreover, these shower doors are also a great way to make shower installations ageless as they can be made at the same level as the shower floor allowing unhindered access to the shower even during our golden years when we find ourselves less mobile.