Museum Glass Available for Crystal Clear, Protected from Ultraviolet, Perfect View!

Museum glass protects precious originals from ultraviolet light for HUNDREDS of years.

It’s good for new or archival items that you may want to protect. The quality of our museum glass is high — the anti-glare multicoating can make it look like there is no glass in some lighting conditions!


Our museum glass service is available nationwide! No matter where you are based, Pioneer Glass can help meet your needs for museum glass, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or e-mail us today!

Pioneer Glass’ glass is of much higher quality than conservation glass, which protects from UV light just like museum glass… but where museum glass wins is the incredible clarity that comes with anti-glare protection.

Archival museum glass blocks 99 percent of all harmful outdoor and indoor UV light and has optical coating which provides clarity for true color transmission and the greatest color neutrality. Museum glass offers less than 1 percent light reflection — the lowest possible reflection rating available with UV protection. Lastly, over 96 percent light transmission provides the highest brightness and contrast levels available. It also protects and brightens colors.

Original artwork, autographed pieces, family heirlooms, personal mementos, and more can all be protected by glass to ensure that there is no fading and that temperature variations do not adversely affect the work being framed. Museum glass will protect your objects for hundreds of years.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and in many cases, is cheaper than what you can get elsewhere! We can cut all glass to order, or you can order preset sizes as follows.

  • 4″x5″
  • 5″x7″
  • 8″x10″
  • 9″x12″
  • 10″x12″
  • 11″x14″

  • 11″x17″
  • 12″x16″
  • 16″x20″
  • 20″x24″



Visit our showroom and view our four-sided shower enclosure on display, plus many other great glass products such as mirrors, patterned glass, and more! Our showroom is staffed by patient and knowledgeable advisers should you seek advice.


We can give you as many options as you can handle in samples. We’re happy to provide free estimates of all work, and will take precise measurements of the product and your space to ensure the perfect fit.


Call us today at (508) 234-7063 or send us an e-mail. Our showroom is located at 240 Church St., Whitinsville, MA 01588 – minutes from Rts. 90, 122, 146, and 290.