Headlight Lenses Restoration: Polish and Clean Your Cloudy, Foggy Head lights.

Are you finding it difficult to drive at night? Have you noticed your headlights aren't giving off as much light as they used to? The problem might be that your head light lenses are simply not clean enough.

On the hunt for information about auto glass, not just headlight restoration? Head here and learn how we can help with a broken windshield, side mirror, or other glass.

It's hard enough to drive at night watching for potholes, animals, pedestrians, and faded lines on the road. It is even harder when your headlights are dulled by pitting and oxidation.

Think of the abuse your headlights take on a daily basis. Hours in the blazing sun in the summer. Pounded by sand, salt, and ice in the winter. Years of this hammering slowly degrades the clarity of the headlight lens, impairing your vision.

Discoloration or dull lights is a cause of UV light and other environmental impacts (debris, rain, exposure to chemicals). Over time, the coating on the headlights break down. These need to be treated quickly, otherwise small cracks will develop and your headlamps will need to be replaced entirely. It is far more economical to clean your headlamps immediately. Plus, you receive the added bonus of the full power of your headlight lenses, allowing you to avoid crashes at night or in poor weather.

This helps the environment too! Headlight restoration extends the light of the headlight assembly. This is greener than disposing and replacing t. Further, it helps dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Boost your visibility by getting your headlamps cleaned at Pioneer Glass.

A side-by-side comparison of what an amazing impact cleaning your headlights can have.


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