Shower Enclosure: Chipped Edge Option



For a dramatic looking shower, you can add a chipped edge to your heavy glass shower enclosure. A “Chipped Edge” refers to the scalloped edge work on the glass.

Cardinal Shower chipped edge option Falmouth, MA
Cardinal Shower chipped edge option

Type of Chipped Edge Pattern

  • Double-Sided – The glass is chipped both directions, providing an attractive rough edge to the glass. Very non-symmetric.
  • Single-Sided – The glass is all chipped one direction

Type of Edge Cut
The shape of the edge of the glass.

  • Straight Cut – Typical cut on the glass. No charge.
  • Wave Cut – A smooth wave. You can specify the height of the waves and the distance between the peaks and valleys. There are limitations to the steepness of the waves. If they are too extreme, the glass will break when chipping it. Talk to us for full details.
  • Jagged Cut – A rougher random cut that complements the chipped edge pattern making it look like a broken edge.