Shower Enclosures

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The remarkable new 3/8" clear glass TruFit enclosure is easy to install in as little as an hour, has lots of adjustment, and can even go on a fiberglass unit. Traditional heavy glass enclosures need to be made to order because even a 1/8" out of plumb can require custom glass. The TruFit enclosure utilizes custom jamb and channels to allow for easy, on-site adjustment to the wall and curb conditions.

Shower Enclosure, TruFit Series - Chrome - Detail

Shower Enclosure, TruFit Series - Brushed Nickel - Detail

Shower Enclosure, TruFit Series - Brushed Nickel - Detail
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Shower Enclosure, TruFit Series - Brushed Nickel - Detail

Swing Door Series

Available Sizes: Single Door: 23 1/2" to 38". Door and Panel: 35 3/8" to 74 5/8".
Standard Heights: 72" and 75" (Jamb is 7/16" taller than top of glass door - 72 7/16" or 75 7/16").

Glass: The TruFit series is stocked in 3/8" clear glass. Other glass patterns available. See all glass options here.
Finishes: Roman Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Chrome. See samples of finishes.
 While they may be unavailable for the TruFit series, ee a master list of examples of headers, pulls, towel bars, and knobs here.

Options: You can combine a TruFit door with other standard heavy glass panels. With 1/2" of adjustment on the door, you can allow for some fine tuning during your install to accommodate out-of-plumb walls (see photo below). You can also have heavy glass in a fiberglass install!


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