Sliding Shower and Sliding Tub Door Options

We feature HMI (formerly Cardinal) Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors improve your bathroom’s appearance and maximize your space. For one thing, self-contained doors protect hardware such as toilets, and are more water tight than swinging doors. In addition, aesthetic sliders can improve the market value of your home and your showering experience.

As a result, sliding shower & tub doors do not require the floor space of swinging doors. Many choose them for looks and ease of use even when floor space is plentiful.

Customization Options

Sliding shower doors are available in frameless and semi-frameless models. Fully framed units may be available but we don’t carry them because they aren’t popular.

Unlike frameless swinging doors and panels, sliding doors make up a complete system that is tested as a unit. For example, they have rollers specific to the unit and matching bars. By the same token, the weight load and structural integrity are specific to each unit. 

Without a doubt, this matters when choosing hardware colors. Frameless swinging doors and panels mostly have interchangeable hinges, clamps, and handles. There is a wide assortment of hardware color choices available for most types of door and panel systems.

On the contrary, sliding door parts are only available in the manufacturer’s hardware choices for that model. 

Passage Space

Sliding shower doors overlap each other by 1-½ to 3 inches. Of course, that distance affects the opening space. 

Most sliding shower doors start at a minimum of 46 inches. Given that, if the overlap is 3 inches, the passage space shrinks to 21-½ inches. For this reason, we don’t recommend sliding shower doors in openings less than 48 inches. Emergency medical technicians must be able to access anybody who collapses in a shower.

Sliding Door Types

Traditional and barn door style are two basic types of sliding shower doors available on the market today. The roller assembly on a traditional type is hidden from view compared to the barn door, which has exposed rollers and roller bar.

Barn Door Type Sliders

Barn door type sliding shower doors revolutionized expectations of what a sliding shower door should look like. Now, they are often a focal point. They come with 1 or 2 operable panels.

Consider any obstacles that impede the functionality and safety of the space, such as toilets, vanities, and radiators. In such cases, 1 fixed panel can be safer and more practical. 1 fixed panel also helps to incorporate a bench without bulky hardware.

Shower bench
Sliding Skyline Series shower door incorporating a bench.

Empire Series

Empire’s 4 large concentric circle rollers are luxurious. The large 2 ¾” wheels make a smooth rolling operation.

  • 1 door opens, 1 is fixed.
  • Can have a return panel (side glass).
  • Glass thickness in ⅜” and ½”.
  • Widths up to 72”.
  • Cannot be used on a fiberglass enclosure.
  • Colors: Chrome and Brushed Nickel.
HMI shower door rollers and bar
Empire Series rollers and bar.
Sliding tub door
Empire sliding tub doors.

Skyline Series

Skyline has 1 ¾” rollers and a round bar. As a result, the Skyline Series has less prominent rollers and a sleek appearance.

  • 1 door opens, 1 is fixed.
  • Can have a return panel (side glass).
  • Widths up to 72”.
  • Glass thickness in ⅜” and ½”.
  • Cannot be used on a fiberglass enclosure.
  • Colors: Polished Stainless, Brushed Stainless, Matte Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.
Shower door rollers and bar
Very popular Skyline Series slider.
Black sliding shower door
Black Skyline Series slider.

Celestial Series

Celestial’s custom width measurements up to 7 feet are great for working with a larger space. Furthermore, its classic rectangular roller bar provides a timeless aesthetic.

  • 1 door opens, 1 is fixed.
  • Cannot have a return panel (side glass).
  • Widths up to 84”.
  • Glass thickness in ⅜”.
  • Cannot be used on a fiberglass enclosure.
  • Colors: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Matte Black.
HMI Celestial Series nickel bar and roller
Celestial bar and roller.
Matte black sliding shower door
Celestial in black.

Capital Series

Capital has a bold luxury style with its more pronounced headrail and towel bars. In general, those who prefer rectangular hardware rather than the Empire’s cylindrical hardware find Capital to be a great alternative.

Capital’s door panels each have a towel bar, 1 interior and 1 exterior. Towel bars come in 18”, 24”, and 27” widths.

  • Both doors open.
  • Cannot have a return panel (side glass).
  • Widths up to 72”.
  • Glass thickness in ⅜”
  • Available as a frameless slider and as a semi-frameless slider using side jambs.
  • Can be used on fiberglass enclosures with side jamb option, and tile surrounds with or without jambs.
  • Colors: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Matte Black hardware.
Brushed nickel sliding shower doors
Capital Series Sliding shower door with jambs.
Sliding shower door with no jambs
Capital Series frameless sliding doors (without jambs).
HMI Capital Series
Capital Series without jambs and towel bars over a tub.

Traditional Sliding Shower Doors

Euro Series

Euro hidden rollers are more traditional. A rounded roller bar and concealed rollers add elegance to any bathroom.

  • Both doors open.
  • Can have a return panel (side glass).
  • Glass thickness in ¼”, 5/16”, and ⅜” glass.
  • Widths up 84”.
  • Can be used on fiberglass enclosures.
  • Colors: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware finishes.
Traditional sliding shower doors
Euro Series sliding shower doors.

Classic Series 

Classic Series is affordable and good quality for the budget-minded consumer.

  • Both doors open.
  • Can have a return panel (side glass).
  • Glass thickness in 1/4”.
  • Widths up to 84” (with a fixed side panel).
  • Can be used on fiberglass enclosures.
  • Colors: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. 
Classic sliding shower doors
Classic Series sliding shower doors.

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