Restoration Glass

Restoration glass is glass produced to mirror the look of antique glass. Using traditional mouth-blown cylinder glass methods of the past, wavy glass is still manufactured in Europe today. This glass produces the beautiful waves of historic crown glass and cylinder glass of prior centuries. Pioneer Glass stocks three different types of mouth-blown window and cabinet pane glass with varying degrees of waviness to match the existing panes in your home.   

Baffled as to the different types of wavy glass window panes? Crown, cylinder, machined… we help explain the differences here.

Mouth-blown glass matching the less-distorted version of 1900 in the 20th century.

Cylinder glass is featured here, which is close to what was made in the 1850s, during the 19th century.

A replica of crown glass from the 1700s, which is typically found in homes dated from the 18th century.

Machined Glass by Schott

We have 4 different types of machined glass by Schott. Schott is one of the leading and most innovating glass companies in the world.

Schott Artista

With a fabulous amount of distortion, Artista is a beautiful piece of wavy type glass which will bring sparkle to your room. This glass emulates the very distorted glass of the 1600s thru the early part of the 1700s

Schott Goetheglas (pictured, below)

Manufactured using the traditional Fourcault Process, Goethglas creates the appearance of European glass from the 18th and 19th centuries. This is a fabulous glass that can also be laminated for safety or used in double pane windows.

Goetheglass, provided by Schott.comSchott Restover Plus Glass (pictured, top)

Designed to mimic mouth-blown glass from the from very late 1800s into the early 1900s, Schott Restover Plus window glass is manufactured in minimal thickness to match up when replacing antique glass panes. This glass can be laminated for safety.

Schott Restover Glass

Matching the historic architecture, the restoration glass RESTOVER® was used for the windows of the German Historical Museum in Berlin. -

Matching the historic architecture, the restoration glass RESTOVER® was used for the windows of the German Historical Museum in Berlin. -

A replacement glass for pre-950 glass, Schott Restover glass has slight distortion and a regular surface matching the glass in an enormous amount of windows, doors, cabinets, and display cases in America. This glass is manufactured using the Fourcault Process and can be laminated for safety.

To inquire about restoration glass, or learn more, please check out our restoration glass page.

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Check out our FAQ on wavy glass, or learn more about wavy restoration glass. You can also visit our main page on wavy antique restoration glass.
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  1. Ben Allen

    I appreciate the information on what restoration glass is.I had no idea that this was actually an option when looking at glass, I was always under the impression that this glass was just old and had warped over time. My sister is looking into different types of glass to repair a broken window, I will be sure to share this option with her.


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