Pioneer Glass, a local business for over 50 years, is owned by Nancy Brunell. Nancy is part of a fourth-generati on family with experience owning small businesses since 1957. She purchased the glass business from a prior family that oversaw the company for decades.

The Brunell and Pioneer Glass family operates under one basic principle: Your Happiness Comes First.

Pioneer Glass will continue to uphold the high standard of customer service and reliability demonstrated by Pioneer Oil over the last 60 years.

Together with Pioneer Window Fashions, Pioneer Glass has become the premier location for all things interior design in the Blackstone Valley. From shower enclosures and wavy period glass to custom mirrors, Pioneer Glass is your one-stop shop for all your glass needs. In addition to decorative glass work, Pioneer Glass does glass repair and replacement of all shapes and forms.

To see a full list of products and services offered by Pioneer Glass, head over to our products page. To set up an appointment to get a quote or to go over your glass needs, give us a call at (508) 234-7063, or send us an e-mail.


Shower enclosure specialist Tom Herne showing Pioneer Glass' sample shower enclosure.

Why should you buy local?

Local companies can offer more hands-on customer service, providing you with the attention to detail necessary to create the best presentation of your glass choices. We offer customized quotes and information, convenient in-house visits and professional installation services instead of having to go to a big-box retailer, try to figure out what works for you, flag down a worker to get the bare minimum of information, and blanch at the outrageous installation costs that bigger chain outlets demand.

We know our products. We know they're high quality and that they last. Our offerings are selected with the needs and tastes of the local community in mind, not just what happens to be the rage across America. Our employees have been born, bred and live in the community -- no better expert on what is trendy locally than a local person!

Spending locally ensures sales taxes are re-invested in the community and helps build a stronger local economy.

Jake and David

Your friendly Pioneer Glass staff: Jake Barr (L) and David Wilson (R). The best staff we could ask for!