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Gain Safety and Peace of Mind with Virus and Security Protection in Your Office, Business, and Restaurants

Privacy Glass installed in office Worcester, MA

In a crowded world, all workplaces need to think about what safety practices to implement to make themselves and their customers safer.

100% of U.S. states are impacted by COVID-19


For a while now, more secure barriers have been installed in municipal, state, and bank buildings. Now, any small shop, office, market, restaurant, municipal building, warehouse, and workplace needs to consider security glass, sometimes even bullet-resistant glass transaction windows. It may be that open counters are now “back in the day” stories you will tell your grandchildren.

COVID-19 isn’t a one-time phenomenon. SARS and MERS predated it, and there will be more to come in an increasingly global world. The question is: How will you make the workplace safe for employees and customers?

Our offerings, detailed below, will help.

Barriers, Guards, and Windows

Safety Barrier - Sneeze Guard Brockton, MA

Quickly erected sneeze guard to provide effective protection for both customer and cashier.

Safety barriers - Hanging Pane of Acrylic Glass Plymouth, Ma

A hanging pane of 1/8 “ acrylic glass. The customer can still see and discuss all the products while everyone is protected by the shield.

Safety barriers - An attractive and functional office that is protected by 1⁄4” acrylic glass mounted in U - Channel

An office is protected by 1⁄4” acrylic glass mounted in U-Channel.


Provides sneeze-guard protection and excellent for a quick and effective barrier. Readily available, easy to cut, and lightweight.

A great choice for a quick solution for a shop or takeout restaurant that needs immediate coverage or a place of business that needs to re-open quickly. Consider other options for long-term use.

This safety glass does not shatter and can be drilled. This type of glass is flexible, so may sag when standing and scratches easily. It requires specific cleaning products.

Polycarbonite glass is stronger and used in bulletproof glass manufacturing, but scratches even easier than acrylic and yellow in high UV areas.

If you need long-term protection, consider a different option.

Safety barriers - Counter barrier made with 3⁄8” tempered glass and polished edges. All the durability and attractiveness that you would see in shower glass

In Pioneer's office is a counter barrier with 3/8" tempered glass and polished edges. All the durability and attractiveness you see in shower glass.

Safety Barriers - Tempered Glass Barrier with Pass-Through and Speak-Through Framingham, MA

A dental office protected by 1⁄4“ tempered glass. A pass-through for paperwork and a speal-through are incorporated. This will protect workers and customers for a long time.


For long-running beauty, strength, and ease of cleaning, it is hard to beat glass. It ages well and adds to the design of the space rather than being shoehorned in.

Commercial applications include tempering it and creating polished edges. Tempered glass is hardened that increases durability and breaks into fairly harmless pebbles on impact.

The bottom can be raised, cut like a teller window, or have a speakthru microphone.

For those concerned with security, laminated glass–two panes of glass glued together with a polyvinyl interlayer—is an option. Like windshields, it stays in place when broken and retains its use as a barrier.

The ultimate in security is both tempered–for strength–and laminated–for durability.

Fixed storefront glass was converted into a takeout window Framingham, MA

Fixed storefront glass was converted into a takeout window.


Windows typically provide energy, insect, and noise protection. But they can also have some effect in preventing disease transmission.

In a factory, a window can be opened while still shielding both sides as paperwork and parts are interchanged.

A creative restaurant owner brought Pioneer Glass in to remove a storefront window pane and install a takeout window to pass food and payment without the need for customers to enter the store.

This owner elected to do a double-hung window, but you can also opt for a sliding window. Either option greatly increases the safety of this business.

No matter the type of business or office you have, barriers are available to mitigate viral/safety danger. They can be installed quickly at a reasonable price. To boot, some may actually enhance the
appearance and production of your business.


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