Big kitchen custom antique mirror

This photo is an exampls of how you can customize antique mirror glass to meet your specifications!

Pioneer Glass offers custom antique mirror glass that can be made of any size, shape, and virtually any thickness to meet your needs!

The features we can provide are:

  • Cut to size
  • Custom cuts for outlets
  • Rapid delivery of 1/4" thick glass
  • Any thickness of glass up to 3/4" for countertops
  • 1/8" thickness of glass for lightweight cabinet doors
  • Etching and sandblasting
  • Custom polished edges
  • Other types of decorative glass


Samples of Mirrors

Pioneer Glass can facilitate mirrors in the following styles (thumbnail pictures about 10x10" and 48x48"). Click on them to see a larger size. Want a sample? Just ask!

All mirrors can also have gold veining applied to them (examples are Pina on left, Savina on right).

MirrorPioneer Glass also offers antique window frames with mirror panels, a popular and unique look today. There are several in stock – or bring in your old-fashioned window frames!

Check out Pioneer’s mirror offerings – custom mirrors, beveled mirrors, framed and frameless mirrors, mirrors of different types, and more!
What are antique mirrors and how are they made? What types of antique mirrors are there? Get your answers here.

4 Responses to “Custom Antique Mirror Glass”

  1. Liliya Kulyak

    Hi there,
    I’m looking for a round piece of mirror(46″X1/2 or 46″x3/8″, I’d like a price for both) to be used as a table top. I was looking for something called French antique mirror but it looks like you don’t have that, do you have something similar?

    Kind regards,

  2. Rodney Osburn

    Looking to replace a three piece antique dresser mirror that has multipule curves and preferably a beveled sanded edge

  3. Jami Meek

    I would like to order samples of the different antique mirrored glass. Thanks!


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