Clear Glass vs. Low Iron Glass difference comparison photo


Clear Glass vs. Low Iron Glass

Many customers are puzzled by this question. Clear glass is indeed mostly clear, but it has a minor green tint when looking at it head on. This green tint is caused by iron in the material used to make the glass. Looking out a window, this tint is hardly noticeable. In a tabletop, looking from the side, the tint is magnified. While one could argue that this may be attractive, if you do not like the green tint you should consider “low iron” glass which is ultra-clear. This difference is quite significant when viewing low iron side by side with traditional clear glass.

Below: Standard glass to the left, low iron to the right. Both have finished polished edges.

Clear Glass vs. Low Iron Glass difference comparison photo

Clear Glass

Clear glass is by far the most popular choice for interior tabletops.

Glass tabletop

To see examples of pattern, frosted, and tinted glass, click here.

Tinted Glass

There is no reason you cannot step out of the box and use a tinted or acid washed (frosted) glass as a glass top to create your own look.

Now available in many different tints, this glass adds uniqueness to cabinets and cupboards.Read more

Pattern Glass

Pattern glass is very rarely used on dining room tabletops but for certain applications like acid washed bronze on a desk top the glass can actually enhance the look of the desk. Exterior open top tables frequently use pattern glass. The Aquatex pattern is far and away the most popular.


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