Frameless Shower Screens & Stationary Panels

A more affordable option for your elegant bathroom.

Shower screens (also called shower panels or stationary panels) are enormously popular in Europe, the Mideast, and South America. Shower screens are generally fixed single panels on the shower head side of the opening portion of a shower stall. Rather than a complete enclosure or surround, they require less glass and are a much quicker installation. The result is significantly lower cost to you and the end result is a sleek pleasing bathroom.

What is a shower screen Brockton, MA

So why is there so much puzzlement at what exactly is a shower screen? Google these terms and you come up with a wide range of opinions and photos. A lot of people lump everything including shower enclosures and doors into this term.. To me an enclosure certainly means you are enclosed. And a door is well, a door. Perhaps the problem is that Americans tend to think of a “screen” as something with a mesh-type porous surface even though we readily recognize the wording “television screen”. The Brits, on the other hand tend to use the word “screen” to describe a partition. Nobody in London would recognize the word “windshield” as their vehicles all have “windscreens.”

A shower screen can offer just as much elegance as a complete enclosure and can display your tiled shower walls to their fullest for up to a 60% reduction in cost. Because the rear of the shower is open, it is especially important that the floor has a slight pitch to the drain and the glass screen is of sufficient length to capture all the water spray including water rebounding off of the bather. It is also a good idea to tile in a curb to collect any extra water.

Consider a shower screen when designing your bathroom remodel. The savings and beautiful appearance make it an excellent option.