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Discreet Shower Glass That Still Displays Your Gorgeous Tile

A sandblasted band over a clear glass shower door on our display.

A sandblasted band over a clear glass shower door on our display.

Clear glass is still far and away the primary choice of most homeowners when purchasing enclosures or doors.

There are two primary reasons for this.

    1. The first is fairly obvious: clear glass is the least expensive type of glass you can buy when purchasing shower glass.
    2. The second reason is to display the tile or marble that cost you quite a bit of money.

Most consumers rightfully think tile is a terrific looking product. You will get no argument from me on that score. Be it inside a shower enclosure or behind a shower or tub glass door, tile adds a lot of great elements to your bathroom. These elements can speak to elegance, cleanliness, sparkle, and beauty. Why cover over your gorgeous bathroom tile?

Well, as always, there are some concerns with clear glass.

Clear glass allows no privacy. In a multi-use bathroom, even when shared by spouses, there may be an issue regarding the view and exposure that comes along with clear shower glass. But who wants to hide all that tile that you love? Here is your solution – check the picture out on the right.

A sandblasted privacy door or enclosure by Cardinal Shower can show off the beauty of your tile or marble walls and floors but provides privacy when getting ready in the morning or before bed when there may be more than one person in the bathroom. Perfect for shower enclosures, tub doors, and shower doors, it allows the beauty of your whole bathroom to show through while being discreet.

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