Gridded Shower Glass - Grid Shower Doors, Sliders, and Screens

Add Some Pizzazz To Your Bathroom With Two Gridded Glass Options

Grid-style shower glass and the French door shower look has grown enormously in the last few years. This look embodies the divided light concept found in factory windows. Capable of blending with industrial, farmhouse, and even traditional design concepts, this type of shower enclosure or door can add an alluring flair to your new shower enclosure.

Known by a whole assortment of names including window pane shower doors and metal framed shower enclosures, we sell grid showers for use as shower doors, sliding shower doors, enclosures, and shower panels.

Option 1: Metal Gridwork

Gridded Shower Glass Metal Gridwork Needham, MA

Metal grids makes your shower pop!

Metal framework surrounds the shower glass. Available in chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze, this type of gridded shower glass can be used on doors, sliders, and door panels. It is available in semi frameless design and quarter inch glass. This creates a very industrial but pleasing look with a high level of attractive gridwork.

Option 2: Digitally-Printed Glass

Gridded Shower Glass Digital Print Needham, MA

Gridded shower look with no metal grids. Ceramic printed glass creates the look you want.

Glass technology has improved by leaps and bounds. It is now possible to print with ceramic ink any color or pattern on tempered glass. This can be in any opacity and in any look. Want a mottled metal look? Want deep solid looking colors like those found on London door fronts? These look sensational!

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