Neo-Angle Shower Enclosures: Space Saving Corner Showers

If you are interested in a home renovation that can help you save space while improving your bathroom, you should consider a neo-angle shower enclosure for your home. Unlocking extra bathroom space for fixtures like a double sink, soaker tub or other elements requires a space-saving shower. Neo Angle shower enclosures are also perfect for smaller bathrooms that you would like to introduce a shower into.

Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure Hopkinton, MA

The Neo angle shower enclosure has always been designed as a space saver. That’s why a frameless shower enclosure is perfect because it doesn’t detract from the extra light in a bathroom and it can slot into nearly any corner of a small bathroom. Neo Angle shower glass can come in a variety of different formats and the frameless shower enclosure can also be finished with many different colors to suit the needs of your décor style.

neo angle shower Plymouth, Ma

As well as offering an advantage for space-saving and décor, Neo angle shower enclosures are designed for minimal maintenance requirements. They can beautify your bathroom and last for many years after the professional installation process. With hardware available in brushed nickel, chrome, and many other custom colors it’s possible to get a Neo angle shower door that suits your preferences. A frameless shower enclosure design also minimizes the look of bright metal while encouraging a more open feel in the bathroom.

With Neo Angle shower enclosures you have all the same choices available in standard shower enclosures. These range from semi frameless to frameless enclosures and from gorgeous pattern and frosted glass to clear. Put your unique creative hat on and pick the design that is perfect for you and your home. For more on options, click here.

Pre-measured by our meticulous team, the glass panels and hardware are installed quickly in your home. We know you want the least amount of disruption to your day and our installers will be efficient, courteous, and professional.

To learn more about our sizable inventory of eo angle shower enclosures as well as our process for installation, contact our staff today.