P2 Restoration Mouth-blown Wavy Glass for Historic Windows and Furniture: Late 1700s to Mid 1800s

P2 Restoration Mouth-blown Wavy Glass For Historic Windows and Furniture Late 1700s to Mid 1800s, Crown Glass Replica of 1800s Homes Falmouth, MA Most of the better homes in the late 1700’s through the mid 1800s used Crown Glass. Considered clearer and better than Cylinder Glass, the Crown Glass of this era had sweeping curved lines, moderate ream (unevenness) , moderate distortion, and some air bubbles. Most air bubbles were of seed size but some were quite large reaching up to a quarter coin size.

Matches the Crown Glass in 1800s Antique Homes

Glass with this appearance is still being made in Europe by artisans using historic methods. P2 is mouthblown, handmade, and hand cut to match perfectly with your latter stage Crown Glass. Each pane is unique, just like the glass in your historic home. Available in sizes up to 37”. For better views of all types of our restoration glass, watch our video.