Picking the Right Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom Remodel in Westborough, MA

We’ve all been there. Walking into a beautifully remodeled bathroom and thinking, “Wow, I wish my bathroom looked like this!” Especially in Westborough, modern, sleek bathrooms have become a staple in contemporary home design. 

It’s undeniable—a bathroom remodel can not only elevate your home’s aesthetic but also significantly boost its value. But here’s the deal: one of the standout elements in these stunning bathrooms? The shower enclosure. An oasis within your oasis. 

In this guide, we’ll take you through the intricate process of choosing the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom. So, whether starting from scratch or upgrading, let’s ensure your bathroom remodel in Westborough truly shines!

Understanding Your Bathroom Space 

Before we look at styles and types of shower enclosures, it’s crucial to know your bathroom’s dimensions and layout. After all, a shower enclosure that doesn’t fit or seems out of place can disrupt the entire vibe. 

Measure Your Bathroom:

  • Begin your remodel planning with precise measurements.
  • Ensure you know the exact square footage, which determines the size and layout of the new fixtures.

Light Assessment:

  • Monitor how natural light enters and interacts within the space throughout the day.
  • Determine areas that could benefit from more or less light, guiding your decisions on window or skylight placements.

Map Out Existing Fixtures:

  • Take note of where the current fixtures are situated.
  • Decide if you want to retain their position or if a rearrangement would suit your new design vision better.

In Massachusetts homes, especially, balancing functionality with aesthetics is vital. It’s not just about fitting a shower into a space. It’s about ensuring it feels organic and intuitive and includes local styles. 

Additionally, consider any specific architectural features or design elements typical of other area homes. Having a clear understanding of your space sets the foundation for a shower enclosure that seamlessly complements your bathroom remodel in Westborough.

Bathroom Remodel in Westborough, MA
A stunning glass enclosure near Westborough, MA


Popular Glass Shower Enclosure Styles

You’ve sized up the bathroom, so let’s get to the fun part – picking a style! Westborough homes often exude elegance — you want your bathroom to be in sync. 

Frameless enclosures are a big hit, giving that sleek and uninterrupted view of your tiles and fixtures. They’re modern, they’re chic, and boy, do they elevate the space! But don’t rule out semi-frameless enclosures either. They add structure and can perfectly blend modernity with a hint of tradition. 

See our complete guide to frameless enclosures here.

Sliding, pivot, or hinged doors? Each has its charm. Your choice here might depend on the space available and your personal preference. Think about the statement you’re trying to make with your bathroom remodel in Westborough. After all, it’s these details that make all the difference.

Making Safety a Priority

Bathroom safety isn’t just a consideration. It’s a must! You’re dealing with water, and the last thing you want is to compromise on the safety of your enclosure. Glass shower doors are beautiful, but ensuring they’re safe is paramount.

Things to consider:

  1. Tempered Glass: It’s the go-to choice for shower enclosures, and for good reason. When it shatters, it breaks into small chunks rather than large shards, reducing injury risks.
  2. Thick Glass: While more expensive, it’s less prone to breakage.
  3. Non-slip Floor: While it’s not directly related to the enclosure, it’s a part of the overall safety of your shower space.


Considering these factors can elevate the safety of your bathroom remodel in Westborough.

Types of Glass Options

Choosing the glass for your shower enclosure isn’t only about aesthetics. Functionality matters when it comes to bathrooms. With so many options available, finding one that fits your style but also meets your needs is crucial.

  • Standard Clear Glass: This classic choice offers the best value with a clean, timeless look. Clear glass allows the most light through and showcases the beauty of your tiles and fixtures.
  • Low iron glass. Sometimes called super clear, low iron glass does not have the green tint found in standard clear. From the front it was no tint and has a slight blue tint. If you really want your bathroom to pop, this is the glass for you
  • Frosted Glass: Not as common, but a must for those who prioritize privacy. Its opaque finish obscures visibility while still letting light in.
  • Tinted Glass: A hint of color can make all the difference. It adds an element of style while reducing glare.
  • Privacy Bands: A stylish option, these horizontal bands run across the glass, providing partial privacy while maintaining clear views.
  • Privacy Fades: Transitioning from clear to frosted, they offer a gradient look that’s both modern and functional, giving the best of both worlds.


Remember, the choice of glass sets the tone for your entire bathroom. Make it count!

Low iron shower glass for a bathroom remodel in Westborough
Low iron shower glass

Customization with Pioneer Glass

What’s the best part of the process? The customization options! Pioneer Glass is known for tailoring solutions to fit your unique needs. Don’t settle — let your bathroom reflect your individual style.

Maybe you’re envisioning intricate designs on the glass, or perhaps something specific that complements your tiles? The experienced team at Pioneer Glass can turn that into reality. From etched patterns to tinted options, the possibilities are vast. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to guide you, ensuring your bathroom remodel in Westborough is picture-perfect.

Skyline with a bench wrentham MA
Large Sliding Shower Doors

Shower Doors and Tub Glass Options for Fiberglass Enclosures

It’s disappointing to find out some options aren’t available on fiberglass enclosures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize the space. When considering glass options for your fiberglass tub or shower enclosure, it’s essential to pick something that complements the overall design and meets your privacy preferences. These glass options are also available on fiberglass installations:

  • Tempered Glass: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it’s known for its safety properties. If broken, it shatters into granular chunks, lessening the risk of injury.
  • Clear Glass: The timeless choice for those who love simplicity. It provides an unobstructed view and maximizes light.
  • Frosted Glass: Perfect for those seeking added privacy without compromising on light. It blurs the view while keeping the space bright.
  • Privacy Bands: A stylish option, these horizontal bands run across the glass, providing partial privacy while maintaining clear views.
  • Privacy Fades: Transitioning from clear to frosted, they offer a gradient look that’s both modern and functional, giving the best of both worlds.

To find out which would be the perfect fit for your bathroom remodel in Westborough, check out our comprehensive guide on shower doors and tub glass options on fiberglass and acrylic enclosures.

Elevate Your Shower with Frameless Low Iron ShowerGuard Enclosures

Looking for a little more out of your bathroom remodel in Westborough, MA? Frameless shower enclosures and doors with specialty glass can really help your bathroom stand out.

  • Low Iron Glass: Regular glass has a green tint due to iron. With thicker frameless showers, this becomes evident. Low iron glass is near-transparent, making your stylish tiles or marble walls pop without any color distractions.
  • ShowerGuard Glass: It’s a game-changer. Manufactured with a permanent invisible coat, it keeps the glass clean and gleaming. Plus, it comes with a dependable lifetime warranty.

Our products ensure your remodeling vision shines through with unparalleled quality.

A comparison of low-iron and clear glass.
A comparison of low-iron and clear glass.
A comparison of low-iron glass (L) and traditional clear glass (R)... notice the green tint?
A comparison of low-iron glass (L) and traditional clear glass (R)... notice the green tint?

Bathroom Transformation Final Thoughts

Choosing a suitable shower enclosure for your bathroom remodel in Westborough doesn’t have to be a chore. It should be fun! From understanding the space and prioritizing safety to adding a touch of customization and ensuring it stays sparkling — you’re now equipped with all the info you need.

It’s time to bring that vision to life! Remember, with Pioneer Glass, you’re not just getting a product. You’re getting expertise, dedication, and a promise: Exceptional customer service, every time. 

Start planning your dream. Call the team at Pioneer Glass in Worchester to get your bathroom transformation started today.

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