Tinted, Cast and Patterned Shower Enclosure Glass Options

Enhance your shower space with our exclusive range of tinted, cast, and patterned shower enclosure glass options.

Designed to cater to every aesthetic and functional need, these versatile and eye-catching glass options are an elegant choice.

These glass selections can meet any design need, whether you want privacy, style, or a unique design for an innovative space.

Tinted Glass for Subtle Elegance

Bronze and Gray Tints

  • Bronze Tint: Adds a warm, sophisticated hue, perfect for creating a cozy, inviting ambiance.
  • Gray Tint: Offers a sleek, contemporary look, ideal for modern bathroom designs.
Gray tinted shower glass
Gray tinted shower glass
Bronze tinted shower glass
Bronze tinted shower glass

Selecting Patterned Shower Enclosures

From Classic Frosted to Intriguing Pattern 62

  • Frosted (Acid Wash): Provides privacy with a classic, elegant finish.
  • Low Iron Frosted: Offers a more transparent and refined version of traditional frosted glass.
  • Rain: Mimics the soothing pattern of raindrops, perfect for a tranquil shower experience.
  • Pattern 62: A distinctive design for those seeking a unique and artistic touch.
grid shower door over low iron frosted patterned shower glass
Grid shower door with low iron frosted pattern glass
Rain glass patterned shower enclosure
Rain glass patterned shower enclosure
Pattern 62 shower glass
Pattern 62 shower glass
Frosted, or acid wash, pattern shower enclosure
Frosted, or acid wash, patterned shower enclosure

Cast Glass Types

Ten Unique Cast Glass Patterns for Every Style

Our collection of cast glass types brings a new dimension of creativity to your shower enclosures:

  • Affinity: A subtle, harmonious pattern.
  • Lava: Dynamic and striking, similar to a natural lava flow.
  • Leather: Imitates the texture of leather for a touch of luxury.
  • Flurry: Captures the New England beauty of a snow flurry.
  • Linen: Evokes the classic texture of linen fabric.
  • Rain: A serene pattern reflecting the calmness of rainfall.
  • Retro: A nod to vintage styles with a modern twist.
  • Storm: Dramatic and striking, inspired by stormy skies.
  • Tranquility: Designed to create a peaceful, calming effect.
  • Wisp: Delicate and airy, for a whimsical touch.

Find Your Perfect Shower Glass

Whether you want the subtle elegance of tinted glass, the classic beauty of frosted patterns, or the unique artistry of cast glass, we have something for every preference. 

Let us help speed up your selection process and find you the ideal glass to complement your shower enclosure. 

Choose privacy, choose style, and contact Pioneer Glass today.