Types of Glass Edges: Blunt, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Radius

Types of Glass Edges

Blunt Corners


Many times, square and rectangle furniture tops have sharp corners. One takes “the points” off so it’s not a hard 90˚angle which can cause injury or chipping. This is called a blunt edge. “Tips off” or “points off” are other terms. You can hear “touched” edges – touching the edge to a grinding wheel.

Glass top coffee table blunt corners Brockton, MA

Dime, Nickel, Quarter Corners


A little larger amount of radius on the corners is called a “dime corner.” The glass is prepared so that the corners match the curvature of a dime. For bigger radiuses you can have a “nickel corner” or a “quarter corner.”

Dime, Nickel, Quarter sizes Worcester, MA

Radius corners

Once you can no longer use coins it becomes an inch measurement. For a one inch radius edge, a glazier will measure down 1” and across 1” and from those points make a curve (radius) on the corner.
Quarter radius corner Woodstock CT
Quarter radius corner

Radius Corner Guide 

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