Shower Enclosures

There are many different types of glass you can get in your shower enclosure. There’s pattern glass, colored glass, cast glass pattern, and heavy glass, plus other distinctive ways to enhance your shower door. If you’re confused by the options available to you, check out our page on types of shower enclosures to ensure you are reviewing the options available to you. You can also contact us or stop into our showroom and we’d be happy to lend you our expertise and advice to pick the best glass for your bathroom.

Pattern Glass

Colored Glass

Cardinal S-Curve

Learn more about a way to design an “S-curve” on your shower door!

Chipped Edge

See how to incorporate chipped edges into your shower enclosure.

Cast Glass Shower Enclosure - Ultimate Optique

Cast Glass Shower Enclosure – Ultimate Optique


See how you can get etching on your shower enclosure.

Ultimate Optique

Ultimate Optique is a thermally formed art glass design, which uses a revolutionary kiln casting process that integrates the rich textural elements of kiln formed glass with unobstructed, optically clear areas or patterns, creating an effect that is striking and original. Available for certain shower enclosures. Learn more on our Cast Glass page.


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