Thermal Windows

Have fogged or cracked bay or bow window glass?

One day you are walking by your beautiful window when you notice some cloudiness on the glass. You walk over to try to clean the glass. It does not help. At that point the sad truth sinks in: your window has the dreaded “foggy glass” syndrome. You immediately try to calculate what a whole new window will cost, and how messy it will be with contractors working in your home. Looks like that trip to Barbados will have to wait another year. You think there must be a better way. You are right! Just like you always are.

Replace the glass! Leave the window alone. Save the money. Save the mess. All good stuff.

To the left, clouded old glass. To the right, clear vivid double pane replacement glass

To the left, clouded old glass. To the right, clear vivid double pane replacement glass

Almost all bay and bow windows now have double or triple pane insulated glass units. These thermal pane glass units have seals that eventually will fail and the glass will become cloudy. In addition, window glass units are always at risk to cracking to due storms or errant baseballs and BBs, and so on. Most windows have removable glass units that can be replaced. For details on how double pane insulated glass units are made and available options, click here.

Be it a small basement window, a patio door, a glass skylight, or in this case, your beautiful bay window, we have perfect replacement options and skilled technicians to install new pristine glass.

Do yourself a favor and call Pioneer Glass today for your bay and bow window repair and replacement glass today.

We hear the water is very nice in Barbados now.


3 Responses to “Bay Windows and Bow Windows: Glass Replacement and Repair”

  1. Audrey Kinley

    I never knew that bay windows even had double pane insulated glass. That’s a really smart idea though for whoever came up with that. My husband and I are actually looking for someone to replace our back yard window. We had family over last weekend and the accidentally broke it.

    • Evan Brunell

      Hi Kerry, please email or call us as comments are not a good way to get ahold of us although we do our best to respond to comments. We have above every page on the comments section to email or call. Thanks!