Custom Wavy Glass Double Pane Replacement Units

Yes! The comfort of insulated glass with the dreamy beauty of restoration glass.

Do you love the old world charm of a house from the 1800s but shudder at the heating cost associated with single pane glass? Why not have both the comfort of thermal efficient glass and the beauty of historic glass with custom wavy glass. We provide true mouth-blown and Fourcault glass to cover all eras of American glassmaking. We also are a supplier of insulated glass units. A marriage made in heaven.

We stock six types of restoration glass. Three of these are true mouth blown panes manufactured in Eastern Europe as cylinder glass. P3 and P2 have more curved lines and closely match Crown Glass. P1 approximates latter-stage cylinder glass. In addition we have three offerings of Fourcault glass, Restover, Restover Plus, and Goetheglas imported from Germany. These types of glass are perfect for historic buildings and home renovations. They can also be used for additions where maintaining the historic component is important. We can help you choose the glass that fits the era of your project.

For more details on the types restoration available, click here: A Guide to Purchasing Wavy Restoration Glass.

Generally when making double-pane units, one side has the antique-type glass and the other clear, everyday glass. This tends to match the appearance of original historic glass looking from both sides of the dual pane units as the beauty of the restoration glass is clearly visible through the clear side. For those that prefer more distortion both panes can be made of restoration glass.

If your needs require safety glass we can temper Restover Plus and Goetheglas for use as dual pane units. This works very well for reaching the safety level required with door glass. For more information on how double pane glass units are made, click here.

For questions on double pane wavy glass windows or other custom work, please give us a call at 508-234-7063 or send an email. We love to talk about glass!