Replacement Double Panes For Doors and Windows FAQ

We can all agree that windows have a bit of a learning curve. Welcome to our comprehensive guide on all things related to replacement double-panes for doors and windows.

This guide will make it easy for you to make an informed choice. By the time you finish, you’ll know exactly what questions you want to ask us, and be able to answer the questions we might have for you.

It really is that easy to get a feel for our double-pane glass replacement process. Let’s get started. 

Tempered double pane glass that needs replacement
Tempered double pane glass that needs replacement

Why replace a whole double-pane unit if only one side is damaged?

The integrity of a double-pane glass unit relies on its impeccable seal. If we were only to replace the damaged pane, we’d risk an imperfect seal, leading to unwanted moisture and fog.

Our double and triple-pane glasses are crafted with precision at specialized facilities to ensure top-tier quality.

Should I opt for a new door or a double pane insert?

Are you choosing between a complete replacement and an insert? Replacement glass for doors and windows is generally more budget-friendly, quick, and hassle-free.

However, a full replacement might be in order if your doors or windows show significant wear and tear. But, if they’re in good shape, a replacement double pane insert is your best bet.

Replacement door glass double panes
Replacement door glass double panes

What’s the difference between “double pane glass” and “insulated glass units”?

These terms and others like “thermal glass” or “dual-glazed glass” point to the same product. “Insulated glass units” or IGUs is the industry-preferred term.

Why do my windows get foggy?

Foggy windows sometimes occur in worn double-pane glass windows.

Double-pane windows have a pair of glass panes with a spacer filled with gas or air in between. The windows are sealed to block out external air.

However, over time, the damaging effects of UV rays, temperature changes, and other factors might weaken these seals, allowing moisture to creep in.

Foggy door with right side glass that needs replacement
Foggy door with right side glass that needs replacement

 Can you match my window’s grid pattern?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on recreating almost any grid pattern.

If we encounter a new design we have not worked with before, we can quickly transfer the grid from your current pane to your new one. This allows us to match the look you want seamlessly.

Replacement arched window glass with intricate grid work
Replacement arched window glass with intricate grid work

How do replacement double panes for doors and windows work?

We offer replacement double-panes for doors and windows to fit any need and several price points.

We always start with a free estimate, and advise on the best installation method for your unique situation. Just provide us with:

  • Measurements of the visible glass in your window or door.
  • Information on whether there are any internal grids
  • Location details of the faulty double panes (as different areas such as entry doors and bathrooms might require tempered glasses).
  • The height from the ground to the defective pane (for setup).
  • If required, can the crew safely use scaffolding or ladders at the install site?
  • Any unique requirements you have: soundproofing, UV protection, tinted glass, etc.
  • A snapshot of the window or door.

Method A: DIY Delivery

There is a discount for smaller window sashes that can be easily removed and brought to our shop.

  1. Give us a ring to ensure our glazier is available.
  2. Detach the window sashes and deliver them to our location.
  3. We’ll disassemble and measure them accurately, then reassemble them for you to take back home.
  4. Once the new units are ready, we’ll notify you for a fitting appointment.
  5. Bring the sash back to us, and we will install the new glass for you to bring home and reinstall. Each window pane takes 30 minutes to insert into your sash.

Method B: We Come to You 

  1. Ideal for large windows, doors, or bulk orders.
  2. After the initial estimate, our team will visit your location for precise measurements.
  3. We’ll then return to install the fabricated units, making the process as smooth and easy as possible on your end.

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